Signs of Unhealthy Relationship:

signs of an unhealthy relationship

Signs of unhealthy relationship which you have with your dear one can`t be hidden.

Although there are many signs of unhealthy relationship which you have with your dear one. These types of things you can`t hide from anyone. When you love each other you see that there is comfort in each other but when your relation becomes unhealthy then it looks like hell.

So we can say this to live in unhealthy relationship is a tough job because you can bear everything in a limit but when something crosses it`s limit then you get frustrated and need peace in the relation. But you don`t find peace then you become unhappy.It`s not only the relation of lovers but husband wife, with parents, with siblings, with friends, and within laws.

Here I have some signs by which you can realize that your relation is unhealthy or not;

Got frustrated:

When you get frustrated from that person you are in love this is the big sign of unhealthy relationship. When you fall in love you feel peace with your lover but soon when many problems create between you people you feel unhealthy with each other and loose your temper on very little things.


This is one of the important sign of unhealthy relationship. You start criticism on your love ones and you see when you are not happy with your partner then you see every good in a wrong way. Then good things turned in to criticism.

Lack of communication:

Lack of communication is not good for relation because it`s an unhealthy sign for relation. This thing occurs when you don`t love each other and get bored from each other. Then you do less talk to each other and get exhausted from each other.

Inability  to forgive each other:

When you are with the unhealthy relationship you can`t forgive each other. You start fighting on little things. And you don`t want patch up at any cost. Either another one is on right point but you don`t care for that thing because you are already unhappy and getting sick from the relationship.

Abuses each other:

You abuse your partner. This is the very bad thing or we can say it a cheap thing when you abused your partner.  Especially when you abused your wife or husband. When your relation becomes unhealthy this thing becomes a sign of bad relation.


When you become dishonest with your partner then nothing remains good into your relation. You start private affairs and do a lot of things which are not good for your relation. A dishonest relation can never build successfully.


When you live in healthy relation you share everything with each other. Tells everything to your partner what you did throughout the day but when your relation becomes unhealthy then you start to keep secret from each other. And you even don`t share those things which are important to tell each other.

Disagreement on important issues:

This is a bad sign of relation which can be the cause of many problems. There are many things in life which are necessary for the agreement to you both people. But when you give disagreement to that thing then you can suffer a lot.

Aggressive behavior:

When you get fed up with each other then you get aggressive on very little things. Although aggressiveness is important into the relation but when this aggressiveness changes into negative sense then it becomes a very bad sign of your relationship.


Jealousy is a common thing which we find in a partner. Sometimes this thing turned into possessiveness but when this possessiveness changes into doubt then it becomes a bad sign of relation.

Try to change another one:

This thing also becomes the sign of bad relationship. When from two of you people try to change another one without judging itself then there is a great loss of your relation. Firstly you have to change out yourself then find out the faults in your partner.

Positive things turned in to negative things:

This is one sign of bad relation that when positive things of your relation start turning into negative things. Then everything looks negative to you. And then if your partner do anything to feel you happy but you try to find negative things in that.

One person is more powerful:

If One person in the relation is dominant this thing creates many problems because only one person can use power and another one is useless. This thing creates differences into the relationship. In one condition a relation can work if you both run equally. Otherwise only misunderstandings can become the part of your relation.

 Don`t get excited to marry that person you are in relation;

When your relation is not going well then you don`t even get excited to marry that person. Because you are already exhausted from that person and don`t feel comfortable in that person than how you can get happy at the design of marriage.

You don`t trust each other:

When you don`t trust each other then your relation suffers. You don`t believe what other one said. You just think another one is wrong at any cost this thing is one of the big cause to spoil your relationship.


To conclude the whole debate we can say this signs of an unhealthy relationship with you dear ones are many but on the other hand, the only balanced relationship can work. if your relationship is not going well then it`s not good to live in that relation. If you really love your partner then you don`t want to spoil your relation and you don`t want to let that person go.

For this, you have to change yourself first. Then in a good way without hurting your partner you have to talk about that matter. To solve misunderstanding is good for every relation which you have in your life.




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